Benefits of gemstones

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Unique Natural Benefits Of Every Gemstone:
One of the reasons natural materials became popular in jewelry making included health benefits. These gemstones have unique natural benefits and wearing your jewelry allows you to enjoy these natural qualities. Take a look:

  • Silver Jewelry: It alleviates body pain, boosts bone health, reduces blood pressure and uplifts your mood.
  • Pearl jewelry: Treats digestive problems, boosts fertility and helps control emotions.
  • Garnets: Boost your energy levels and your confidence.
  • Amber jewelry: Used to relieve neck head and throat pains, as well as deal with fatigue, pressure, and anxiety.
  • Amethyst : It has a calming effect and is said to provide relief against anxiety. It is ideal for people who suffer mood swings as it brings peace and happiness. Wearing this jewelry lulls the mind and has a calming effect on you.
  • Goldstone/sandstone: This beautiful stone also generates positive energy and wards off any bad energy. It also helps relieve arthritic pain and strengthen bones.
  • Jade: According to the Chinese, this is the stone of wealth and health. It helps by affecting emotional balance in a positive way, and boosts humility, inner peace, stamina, and love.
  • Rose quartz: A popular gemstone for those who are looking for peace and calm. It is good to heal heartbreak and wearing this jewelry gives you soothing energy to overcome turmoil in your life.
  • White, clear, or rainbow colored moonstone: Wearing jewelry with this gemstone helps you achieve balance and enjoy inner peace. This jewelry also alleviates anxiety, depression, insomnia, and promotes creativity. It is also believed to help combat other ailments.
  • Yellow, brown, or red colored amber: Wearing jewelry with this gemstone helps treat headaches and reduce stress.
  • Citrine: Boosts positive energy and promotes emotional well-being. Some people also say it helps with digestive ailments, sleep problems, hearing difficulties, pain and inflammation.
  • Aquamarine: In addition to its unrivaled beauty, aquamarine jewelry helps the wearer cope with digestive, eye, and teeth problems. It also has positive energy, which brings happiness to the wearer.
  • Agate jewelry: This semi-precious jewelry bestows the wearer with better physical and emotional balance. It also aids with problems of the digestive system, the blood, skin, and intestinal tract.
  • Black opal: Believed to be a good luck charm and boasts of providing psychological benefits, including increasing self-confidence.
  • Turquoise: Helps to ease feelings of negativity and low self-esteem.
  • Diamonds: Diamond jewelry is a no-brainer for every woman who wants to look stunning. It is the hardest material known to man, yet it is also beautiful and many believe it has healing powers. It is the gemstone mostly associated with love and if you want to impress a woman, this is the one to choose.
  • Lapis Lazuli: Known to man for centuries, Lapis Lazuli is not only beautiful but the Romans also believed that this gemstone had healing properties.

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